Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Joy. What defines joy?

I have an entirely new perspective on what joy is and means now. The people here are beyond joyful all the time, and yet it makes me wonder.. if we lived their lives, would we be that joyful?

After getting lost in the village of Walukaba and roaming around for an hour and a half, I found the little home of a suubi women. She told me parts of her story, and the whole time I was in disbelief that she had gone through so much. And the most amazing part of it all, was at the end she said, “it’s okay that this all happened, because God is in control and He is my hope.”


Would I say that?

"you thrill me, Lord, with all you have done to me! I sing for JOY because of what you have done. O Lord what great works you do. And how deep are your thoughts"

-psalm 92:4-5


  1. awwww....love you Liz! Keep passing the joy and love!!

  2. you are beautiful. completely beautiful.