Friday, August 6, 2010

We just walked into town with a canopy of stars hanging over us. It is beautiful!

so the last few days or so have be just filled with learning, excitement, relaxation, beauty.

ha. a few of us went to Kampala last week! it was maddness! we started off our trip at a lovely coffee shop (my favorite of course). The name of the place was "good African coffee"..and it sure was good. Then we wondered over to the massive market. There was no stopping once you were in the market...literally. You HAVE to keep walking because there are SO many people! however, our stroll (more like run) through the market was cut short by a massive downpour of rain! after the rain we strolled more and grabbed some grub! on the way home...i tried the famous chicken on a stick...from the side of the road. To get it, you pull your car off to the side of the road at stop (likes), and people RUSH up to your car and shove food into the windows to try to get you to buy their food! after some yelling and barganing, we purchased our chicken. Well, it literally is just peices of grilled chicken...on a stick. and it was delicious. ha. perfect.

saturday we had a partaaay! 100 women, dancing, and food. yes. everytime the women dance, i am captivated. i love it!

sunday the newest volunteer came into town...and to sum up our friendship...every single person thinks we have been life long friends or sisters. they cant believe we just met.

Early in the week we went to a village nearby where a lady is running an non profit for malnurished kids in the area. She seves kids food every Tue and Thur and we helped serve kids for literally two hours non-stop. They said that over 900 kids came through the line! It was unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced.

this week we have done a few house visits, errands, and classes. On Wed i took a trip up to a place called bujagali which is about a 15/20 min boda ride to get coins for some of our newest necklaces. Well, the road to and from jinja is a long and dusty road...and by the end of my trip i was completely ORANGE! no joke. my face was the shade of the orange/redish african dirt!

All i know is that when i walk down the street, i feel at home. When i hear the women's laughter, i never want to leave the room. When i am covered in red dirt, i could care less.

God has continually been revealing himself to me in wonderful ways! of course its been nothing like i expected! i think God likes to work that way. I also think i will be processing this experience for a LONG time. Jesus is AMAZING. and the JOY that these women express is undeniably from Him. I see Him in the smiles, the laughter, the stillness, the bustling, the hardships, the scenery, the kids, the motion of everyday life. My mom recently sent me an email that was an exerpt from a book. It said, "we were made by God and for God, and until you figure that out, life isn't going to make sense." He is a WONDERFUL artist. in every way.