Saturday, July 17, 2010

learning and growing.

This has all been a whirlwind. Every day I experience something new, something unexpected, something wonderful.

On the downside.. Bombings, broken computers, and sickness. Oh my.

Last week, during the world cup soccer (or shall I say, “football”) game, there was three bombs that went off in Kampala. The group that sent the bombs claimed responsibility and are saying that they are going to continue to attack Uganda. So prayer for safety and Uganda.

Last week as well, my computer broke. Ok well not completely broken, but broken while in Uganda. However, after a few complaints, I have realized God’s provision through even this dumb situation with my computer. I met a family that just moved into Jinja and opened a restaurant and a computer technology center. The husband, Johnny is a trained computer technician, so he helped me get all my files off my computer, gave me CS4, and basically offered every skill he had. He and his family completely revealed Christ to me with all of their open arms.

Sickness..ew. but I guess I can mark “get a stomach bug” off my list of things to do in Uganda. Lets just say Tuesday was a very boring day in bed.

Ok, enough with the downers. On the upside, God is GOOD! All the time.

On wed, I taught my first English class. And of course the art major taught colors! After learning the english/luo words for all the colors, we played a game with the women. They divided into two groups and one from each group was given a bag with a colored marker in it. At the count of three, the lady had to grab the maker from their bag and shout out the color in english as fast as they could. It was SO fun! Gosh, who knew a simple game like that would bring about so much laughter! = )

Later in the week we went and visited Lillian, the translator at suubi, yesterday. She has two beautiful and FUNNY kids. We ate a delicious African meal and then we took a trek down to the Nile River. The walk was so so so beautiful.

Today, I experienced my FIRST suubi /acholi traditional dance! I got so many pictures and videos…don’t worry. However, I don’t think anything will be able to do the dance justice. It was amazing. The women are beyond joyful and completely in their element! Drums. Singing. Dancing. Laughing. Perfect.

God is revealing himself to me in a completely different way than I expected. He is showing himself to me through the quiet, the stillness, and the smiles. I don’t want a moment to go by too fast. I want to hold onto every second and learn all that God has for me here.

And here are three random facts:

1. I am constantly a shade of red…due to the red dirt.

2. It is extremely hard for Ugandans to pronounce the name “liz”

3. Ugandans can eat dinner in complete and utter darkness.


  1. Liz, Thank you so much for your vivid descriptions of everything. It's making me feel as though I'm almost there with you! :)
    Everything sounds absolutely pure and fresh and joyful.
    I will definitely be praying for safety and healing of your stomach situation.
    Love you and Miss you dearly.
    P.S. Yesterday I said "peace and blessings" to Andrew and we both had to take a moment to say we missed you!!

  2. LIZ! First of all, love the tree at the top ;) Second, love love love the pictures you posted. More please? :) Third, love the updates... I'm glad you are having an amazing time and I can't wait to hear even more once you are back in GR. Breakfast at Wolfgangs? Yes please. Fourth, love you!

    Praying for your safety and health! Love!