Tuesday, July 6, 2010


everyday my eyes are opened a little wider,

and my heart is tugged at a little harder.

It is all so overwhelming, yet I am so overjoyed.

We visited the suubi women in denida village yesterday for our Monday beading class. The womens smiles, laughter, joy…and the personalities! oh, they are so fun!

Today we went to the village for quite a few hours and visited some of the women. Sarah and I helped them make their food, which consisted of posho, greens, and grinded nuts. To sum up the food..interesting. haha it will def. take a little getting used to, but really, not too bad. After eating, the women taught me to string and varnish the beads.. learning from the pros! = )

Talking to the women and hearing their stories, helping them cook, sitting with them, and just experiencing life with them is truly amazing. Life is simple. and beautiful.

I heard this quote the other day that said, “we live in a world drenched in God. His fingerprints are all over.”

this is becoming so real to me. I am seeing and experiencing God’s people, creation, and fingerprints in a completely new way.

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  1. LIz! I had no idea you were doing this,(this makes me feel we are way too distant and definitely need to communicate more often)! But this is so spectacular and you are truly inspiring, i look forward to reading more of your blogs! I hope you have an amazing experience, and upon your return to the united states we must get together!

    Wishing you all the best,