Friday, July 2, 2010

IM HERE! day 3 in progress.
everything is going great! its just so much to process. my mind keeps spinning and spinning. haha.
the first day we drove to jinja, which was about two hours away. We went through kampala, (which was madness!!), some rain forests, tea fields, and then drove over the supposed source of the nile river into Jinja.
It's really beautiful here. we live about a 10 min. walk away from the downtown. The house is great! and its right across from a school, so we always hear kids, bells, even drums and dancing (which we went and watched!). As you walk into town, you kinda go down a hill(ish), and lake victoria is the view (which is right behind the town/market)!

I went into the market once, but we are going later today again (so more details of that later), went into the village where suubi is, went to the gym haha, walked all around town, went to epoh, walked across a water pipe, and kinda just other little random things.
At suubi one of the ladies taught me how to roll the paper into the bead. I picked it up pretty quickly and she just kept saying "OH, OH, such a fast learner! so good! such a fast learner."

that day at suubi was the english class day as well, and i'm pretty sure i was their entertainment for the day! haha. they wrote the luo word, and then the english word next to it. well, they kept pointing at the luo word and asking me to try to say it. needless to say, i butchered every word.

God is already teaching me and showing me so much. it's beautiful.
I was reading a book the other night, and it said "he did not look at Christ through his circumstances; rather, he looked at his circumstances through Christ." This is my prayer. That my eyes would be completely fixed on Christ to see and experience everything through Him.

anywho, more to tell later.

there are supposed to be some videos posted, but the internet doesn't like me here! = ) so if they dont work i will def. try again later!


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  1. Hey girl! Wow, wow, wow.. I am so excited for all that God is doing already in your time there. I can sense your joy, excitement, and love for Christ through this blog! God is SO good!